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Project Leadership


“Good project management is results-oriented and seeks workable solutions to multi-faceted issues”

Integrated projects involve many teams. I have proven skills and experience in pulling diverse interests into a collaborative whole. I work with CEOs as well as with people on building sites, with technical groups, suppliers and staff and ensure all teams work in a spirit of co-operation, not competition, to deliver the best possible results.

I have a wealth of experience in:

  • Client representation
  • Sustainable building design and construction
  • Tendering and selection processes
  • Negotiation services
  • Liaison with user groups, stakeholders and authorities
  • Supplier engagement
  • Project team management
  • Financial and risk management

Strategic Project Management

I provide project boards and sponsors with critical independent strategic advice to optimise project objectives and deliverables.

There is no single blueprint for managing a project; every project is unique and every tenant or occupier has individual requirements. I spend time at each client’s location for analysis and understanding of every element of the strategic direction. This allows me to regularly review a project in light of the strategic vision and implement the core intent.


Good communication is vital. I’m an effective communicator and presenter, and my in-depth understanding of a client’s strategy allows me to present clear briefings to suppliers, stakeholders and authorities.

I provide:

  • Independent professional and strategic advice
  • Strategic analysis of project objectives
  • Project organisational structure
  • Value and risk management
  • Legal compliance reviews
  • Property portfolio reviews

Integrated Design & Build


Any large construction project involves many different specialist groups. All the experts need to work together cooperatively, not competitively.

I can offer well-informed expertise in the design and building process and in creating a collaborative environment for various groups – and different personalities – to work together constructively.

A truly integrative approach includes the environment. I’m proud to have led ground-breaking sustainable commercial building developments in New Zealand. Sustainable buildings are not only better for the environment; they are better for the occupiers and they make sound business sense.

Change Management

My approach to change management is to inform, educate, involve and enable people as early, openly and fully as possible.

I apply sound change management methodologies for my clients in all my projects because I firmly believe that success can only be achieved if all staff are included and understand the strategic vision. I’m versatile, adaptable and have a proven ability to work across all levels of the business, from the Board of Directors, with CEOs, senior management and all levels of staff.

Typically this includes:

  • Establishing stakeholder structures
  • Evaluating and improving business processes affected by transitional change
  • Facilitating workshops on workplace strategy and culture
  • Developing and implementing internal and external communication plans
  • Identifying and empowering change leaders within the organisation
  • Creating a sense of “connectedness” and shared purpose

Sustainable Building


“Green buildings change the way we think and act”

Green buildings not only have environmental benefits, they are designed to create a sense of community and to encourage interaction between staff and management. Sustainable buildings increase staff productivity, creativity, innovation and retention.

I have in-depth experience in the Green Star NZ certification process and can lead projects to gain New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) accreditation from design to completion.

Architects, cost accountants, fit-out specialists and NZGBC accredited professionals often have differing points of view and can be focused on different outcomes. I can ensure that everyone is totally committed to the vision and is appropriately guided through the complex assessment criteria to achieve the best overall outcomes.

I have led several successful projects to achieve Green Star accreditation in New Zealand.


Do you want a well-informed, motivating and engaging presentation at your next function or seminar? I love to share my passion for the environment in a style that inspires the audience.

I’m a regular speaker at various functions, and have recently presented at the NZ Green Building Council forum and other industry groups.

I welcome enquiries about speaking engagements.

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