Bank of New Zealand



From the beginning, an inclusive workplace culture was a key part of the BNZ’s strategic vision. Its new buildings express a commitment to environmental sustainability as well as staff well-being. Open and transparent spaces foster a sense of community and improve the way people work together.

To achieve the vision, I needed to get buy-in from 2,500 staff from multiple locations in 2 cities and keep them up to date during all stages of the project.

The change management activities I led included:

  • Establishing and leading various internal and external stakeholder structures and affiliated groups
  • Regularly communicating via meetings, workshops, presentations, print and online
  • Designing and facilitating workshops on culture development and alignment
  • Evaluating and implementing improved business processes to align with new environment and culture
  • Leading and mentoring internal transitional change teams to ensure philosophies, values and agreed processes continued into the future